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List of old news:           (WARNING - Information might be out of date!)


November 2007

High volume collimator installation started in IR7

October 2007

Collimator database is online with direct links to MTF

July 2007

Photographs from CERCA production site

May 2007


Mini-review of LHC Collimation Controls
Download: Latest collimation production and installation planning

December 2006


Download: PhD thesis G. Robert-Demolaize: "Design and Performance Optimization of the LHC Collimation System".

November 2006


Download: Detailed installation planning table (supports, collimators, phases)
Download: Lateral positions of installed collimators

October 2006

EPAC talk on LHC collimation by R. Assmann
First collimators installed in ring and transfer line


June 2006


Download: ECO passive absorbers in IR7 (LHC-LJ-EC-0014)


April 2006

Link: Web site for collimation project steering meeting


February 2006

Download: ECO active abs. & passive absorbers in IR3 (LHC-LJ-EC-0010)


November 2005

Review of Mechanical Movement and Motorization for the LHC Collimators
June 2005 Link: BeamLossPattern program and LHC aperture model
  Link: FLUKA inputs of inelastic interactions location with 0.6 m long TCP
          (Update on 17-08-2005)
March 2005

February 2005

Download: AB seminar on "final" phase 1 LHC collimation system

Link: FLUKA inputs for various accident cases at 450 GeV and 7 TeV


November 2004


October 2004

September 2004

September 2004

September 2004

August 2004

August 2004

July 2004

June 2004

Update of Collimator List: now include absorbers for showers in cleaning insertions

Link: Pictures of the LHC prototype collimators
Link: Sound recording for beam impact on collimator
Link: Movie of IR7 layout

Link: Production web site

Download: Preliminary report on SPS results to LTC
Download: ECO for tertiary collimators (LHC-LJ-EC-0003 rev 1.0)

Link: Web page for simulation code is being set up

Link: First draft of planning for beam tests of LHC collimators in SPS/TT40

Download: Engineering Change Order for new layout in IR3 and IR7 (PDF)

Successful installation of LHC collimator prototypes into SPS and TT40 (photo gallery)

Download: Written report from the External Review in July
Information: List of all movable LHC elements with design specifications (link)

Final layout IR7: New FLUKA input with latest layout and details of inelastic interactions (supersedes V6.5 input from April 04 - small changes adapted to IR7 FLUKA set-up).

EXTERNAL REVIEW web page is online (June 30 - July 2 2004)


August 2004

May 2004

Apr 2004

Mar 2004

Feb 2004

Jan 2004

Dec 2003

Download: Final version of ECR for IR3 and IR7 (PDF - WORD)

Engineering Change Request IR3/IR7 is issued (PDF)

Information on V6.5 layout: Find HERE


Final drawing IR3 (.dwf)        Final drawing IR7 (.dwf)

Collimation chapter of LHC design report with new reference design (1.6 MB)

Status reports: Overview - Design - SPS test
LHC Project Workshop (session 3)

New IR7 description and MAD-x files

Notes on present view of settings for movable LHC elements
  Status report:
Status report to the LHC MAC
Some preliminary drawings of LHC collimators
Nov 2003 AB-LTC review:
LHC Ring Collimation: Overview of Project Status - Engineering Status
Oct 2003 Test: 2004 test program for SPS and TT40 approved
Sep 2003 Download:
Collimation chapter of LHC design report (draft)


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