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Movie of the FLUKA IR7 Layout

The IR7 layout implemented into FLUKA has been visualized by a movie. The visitor is passing through the dispersion suppressor left of IP7, the IR7 betatron cleaning insertion and the dispersion suppressor right of IR7.

A snapshot of the movie is shown on the left side.

Movie format: XVID (512 x 384 pixels)
CODEC's for playback: UNIX:       www.xvid.org
  Windows:  http://www.divxmovies.com/software/  (XviD codec v1.0.2)
Copyright: V. Vlachoudis et al (FLUKA team)
Link to XVID file (9MB): Click here to download

If you have the XVID codec installed you should see the XVID movie playing in the browser window! Please check below!


  RWA, Thursday, 05. April 2012 11:07 +0200