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Inelastic impacts with 0.6 m long TCP's at IR3 and IR7

A new layout with 0.6 m long primary collimators instead of the originally considered value of 0.2 m has been proposed for the betatron and momentum cleaning insertions. This modification does not imply any change of the LHC mechanical and optics layout because the space allocated for the primary collimators (as of LHC optics version V6.5) can house 0.6 m long jaws without modifications of the collimator vacuum tank. Therefore, the reference layout and the optics functions at the collimators are the same as in previous simulations.

It is noted that the simulations presented here have been carried out with the FULL PHASE I collimation system, including TCP's, TCS's, TCLA's, TCT's and various protection devices (TCLI's, TCDQ's, TDI). In total, 43 collimators are included.

"coll_summary.dat" file

For each tracking simulation run, this file summarizes the number of impacts and absorptions in the various ring collimators and the average impact parameters. In addition, one can find the collimator name against the collimator numbering, as it is used in the inelastic impact files.

7 TeV (Horizontal halo - example for 200x64 tracked particles): coll_summary.hori.lowb.dat

7 TeV (Vertical halo - example for 200x64 tracked particles): coll_summary.vert.lowb.dat


"collgaps.dat" file

This files contains information on collimator gaps, angles, materials, length and local optics functions such as beta functions and beam sizes. The settings change from injection and top energy but stay the same for the various halo types (horizontal, vertical or skew).

7 TeV: collgaps.lowb.dat

Inelastic impact files at 7 TeV (0.6 m long TCP's)

Impact files are provided for 1280000 (=(200x64)x100) tracked particles. It is noted that the results should be rescaled with the total  number of particles absorbed in the collimators, as specified below for each data file.
The provided files contains the 3D coordinates of the inelastic impact locations within each lattice collimators.

The collimator number given in the first column of the impact files corresponds to the numbering used in the "coll_summary.dat" files and can be used to extract the impact on a given collimator. For example, all the impacts on the TCP.D6L7.B1 primary collimator (number 10 in the database) can be obtained as:
"awk '$1==10' Impact_file.dat > TCP_D6L7.dat"

The provided files can be unzipped with "bunzip2".


New files - 17-08-2005
Differences with respect to previous files (minor effects expected):
1. More digits for particle's coordinate, as requested by FLUKA team
2. TCLA's are now in Tungsten instead of Copper (final design choice!)
3. All TCT's implemented (before, TCTH at IR8 was not yet included)

Summary file with collimator numbering and properties (angle, material, length, ...).

7 TeV, horizontal halo (34 MB) - Total number of absorbed protons: 1248539 (Impact summary file - H)

7 TeV, vertical halo (33 MB) - Total number of absorbed protons: 1213644 (Impact summary file - V)


Old files as of June 2005 (should be equivalent, but less digits than the new files)
7TeV - horizontal halo (1.28e6 input particles): bz2 file
7TeV - vertical halo (1.28e6 input particles): bz2 file

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