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Review of Mechanical Movement and
Motorization for the LHC Collimators

November 4th, 2005

Place and date: The review of mechanical movement and motorization for the LHC collimators takes place at CERN on

November 4th, 2005 - Conference Room 160-1-009


The movement and the motorization for the LHC collimators shall be reviewed:

1. Review the specifications and the achieved results of collimator motion for the
    various types of collimators and the various collimator orientations.

2. Assess the overall status of the collimator mechanical system and possible risks.

3. Based on the above assessment, advice on the procurement of the
    LHC stepping motors.

Review Panel: R. Assmann
E. Carlier
P. Collier
D. Gassner (BNL)
J. Lettry
S. Myers
H. Schmickler
R. Schmidt
R. Valbuena

Slides of the talks will be available as soon as possible.
14h45 Charge to the review and introduction (5 min) [PDF] R. Assmann
14h50 Mechanical design and SPS results (20 min) [PDF] O. Aberle
15h15 Mechanical calculations (20 min) [PDF] A. Bertarelli
15h40 Specification of stepping motors and test results (45 min) [available upon request to R. Losito] R. Losito
16h40 Review discussion (CLOSED)  
18h00 Adjourn  


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