of LHC


Monday December 18, 874-1-011 (open & closed session)  
13h30 Introduction R. Assmann
Lessons from the SPS controls test  
13h40 Overall Architecture, external systems, temperatures, M. Jonker
14h00 Low Level R.Losito
14h20 Middle Level: Collimator Supervisory System (CSS) M.Sobczak
14h40 Top level: Collimator control application for CCC S.Redaelli
15h00 Break  
Issues for final controls system implementation  
15h20 PXI or alternative options R.Losito
15h45 Architectural issues M.Jonker
16h00 Integration into machine protection R.Assmann
16h15 Integration into LSA S.Redaelli
16h30 Proposed solution M. Jonker
16h45 Closed session  
17h30 Adjourn  

Friday, 22. December 2006 10:34 +0100