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Photographs CERCA Production May 2007

Finished Collimators Collimators in Final Bakeout Collimator after EB Welding
Alignment and Calibration Jaw Assembly Jaw Control after Brazing
Pressure Test Mechanical Table Assembly UHV Cleaning
Pre-Assembly Parts Various Repair Activity

The photographs below document the production process at CERCA from the end (finished collimator packed for transport to CERN) to the beginning. All photographs were taken by R. Assmann on May 7th, 2007. Click on the photo to access a high resolution file.

Three collimators ready for shipment to CERN

Two collimators in final bake-out

One collimator leaving the EB welding oven (just before final bakeout)

Two collimators in precision alignment and calibration

Jaw assembly

Controlling jaws after brazing

Pressure test of water cooling circuit

Assembling and adjusting the mechanical precision table

The cleaning for ultra-high vacuum

Preassemb-led parts waiting for full assembly

Various activities

Repair activity

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