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Phase 2 Design and Engineering Meetings

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Mandate: Design and engineering meetings for the LHC Phase II Collimators (CDM2) are held every two weeks and are coordinated by MME group of TS department.

Starting from the review and implementation of  technical specifications and requirements as discussed in the Phase II Specification Meetings, Design and Engineering Meetings are mainly focused on the following issues:

  • Research and characterization on novel materials.
  • Mechanical engineering including studies of innovative design solution, thermal and mechanical calculations, accident case simulations etc.
  • Engineering tests including measurements of thermal, physical, electrical and mechanical properties; thermal tests; assessment of compatibility with ultra-high vacuum.
  • Technological tests, e.g.: surface coatings, welding, brazing, heat treatments, machining, outgassing, metrology, etc.
  • Manufacturing, assembly and laboratory tests of collimator prototypes.
  • Support and analysis of radiation tests of materials


Meetings: Held every two weeks
Each Thursday following Specification Meeting

14h30 - 15h30


Dates of future meetings (tentative):
January        31, 2008
February      14, 2008
February      28, 2008
March          13, 2008
March          27, 2008
April             10, 2008
April             24, 2008
July               17, 2008
September    05, 2008


Location room 376-1-016 (map)

  Date Minutes Slides
1st Meeting January 31, 2008 PDF Talk_Assmann
2nd Meeting February 14, 2008 PDF  
3rd Meeting February 28, 2008 PDF Talk_Cerutti
4th Meeting March 14, 2008 PDF Talk_Bertarelli
5th Meeting March 27, 2008 PDF Talk_Bertarelli
6th Meeting April 10, 2008 PDF Talk_Metral
7th Meeting April 24, 2008 PDF Talk_Dallocchio
8th Meeting July 17, 2008 PDF Talk_Izquierdo
9th Meeting September 05, 2008 PDF Talk_Bertarelli
10th Meeting September 19, 2008 PDF Talk_Smith
11th Meeting October 10, 2008 PDF  
12th Meeting May 20, 2009 PDF Talk_Dallocchio



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Use above links to send e-mail or for listbox tools. For further information please contact:

Alessandro Bertarelli (chairman)
Alessandro Dallocchio (scientific secretary)

Regular members:

Name Expertise Group
Oliver Aberle mechanical engineering and beam tests AB/ATB
Gonzalo Arnau Izquierdo material science TS/MME
Ralph A▀mann phase 2 project leader AB/ABP
Alessandro Bertarelli phase 2 pilot engineer TS/MME
Arnaud Pierre Bouzoud mechanical design TS/MME
Francesco Cerutti energy deposition AB/ATB
Ahmed Cherif metrology TS/MME
Paolo Chiggiato vacuum technology, coating and surface treatments TS/MME
Alessandro Dallocchio mechanical engineering and calculations TS/MME
Gilles Favre welding, brazing and coating TS/MME
Ramon Folch TS/MME Group Leader TS/MME
Jean-Marie Geisser manufacturing and assembly TS/MME
Samuli Heikkinen material characterization TS/MME
Pierre Moyret manufacturing and assembly TS/MME
Roger Perret mechanical design TS/MME
Wihelmus Vollenber vacuum technology, coating and surface treatments TS/MME
Ivo Wevers vacuum technology, coating and surface treatments TS/MME

Proposed members for special issues (attend meetings which concern special expertise):

Name Expertise Group
Markus Brugger energy deposition AB/ATB
Fritz Caspers RF design concepts and collimator impedance AB/RF
Elias Metral collimator impedance AB/ABP
Peter Sievers collimator concepts and damage issues AB
Vasilis Vlachoudis energy deposition AB/ATB




  Comments and remarks to: Alessandro Dallocchio (CERN - TS/MME)

RWA, LL, VP, Thursday, 04. June 2009 16:26 +0200