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E-mail list for general info

Members of this e-mail list will receive general information (announcements, minutes, design choices, ...) from the LHC Collimation Project. Members will not be invited to the LHC Collimation WG or the Collimator Project Meeting! If you wish to be invited, please refer to the e-mail lists mentioned on the home page of this project.
If you want to check the present membership or subscribe/unsubscribe to this list then please use the following links (use NICE account and password for login, changes to be approved by listowner):

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For convenience info list with status 20.1.2003:

Oliver Aberle - AB   <Oliver.Aberle@cern.ch>   
Ralph Wolfgang Assmann - AB   <Ralph.Assmann@cern.ch>   
Igor Baichev - EST   <Igor.Baichev@cern.ch>   
Roger Bailey - AB   <Roger.Bailey@cern.ch>   
Markus Brugger - TIS   <Markus.Brugger@cern.ch>   
Oliver Bruning - AB   <Oliver.Bruning@cern.ch>   
Luca Bruno - AB   <Luca.Bruno@cern.ch>   
Philip Bryant - AC   <Philip.Bryant@cern.ch>   
Helmut Burkhardt - AB   <Helmut.Burkhardt@cern.ch>   
Enrico Chiaveri - AB   <Enrico.Chiaveri@cern.ch>   
Bernd Dehning - AB   <Bernd.Dehning@cern.ch>   
Lyn Evans - DG   <Lyn.Evans@cern.ch>   
Gianfranco Ferioli - AB   <Gianfranco.Ferioli@cern.ch>   
Alfredo Ferrari - AB   <Alfredo.Ferrari@cern.ch>   
Brennan Goddard - AB   <Brennan.Goddard@cern.ch>   
Edda Gschwendtner - AB   <Edda.Gschwendtner@cern.ch>   
Gianluca Guaglio - AB   <Gianluca.Guaglio@cern.ch>   
Raymond Hanni - AB  <Raymond.Hanni@cern.ch> 
Noel Hilleret - AT   <Noel.Hilleret@cern.ch>   
Bernard Jeanneret - AB   <Bernard.Jeanneret@cern.ch>   
Jose Miguel Jimenez - AT   <Jose.Miguel.Jimenez@cern.ch>   
Verena Kain - AB   <Verena.Kain@cern.ch>   
Willi Kalbreier - AT   <Willi.Kalbreier@cern.ch>   
Dobrin Kaltchev - AB   <Dobrin.Kaltchev@cern.ch>   
Tadeusz Kurtyka - EST   <Tadeusz.Kurtyka@cern.ch>   
Mike Lamont - AB   <Mike.Lamont@cern.ch>   
Manfred Mayer - EST   <Manfred.Mayer@cern.ch>   
Volker Mertens - AB   <Volker.Mertens@cern.ch>   
Steve Myers - AB   <Steve.Myers@cern.ch>   
Ranko Ostojic - AT   <Ranko.Ostojic@cern.ch>   
Guillermo Peon - ST   <Guillermo.Peon@cern.ch>   
Hansuli Preis - AB   <Hansuli.Preis@cern.ch>   
Paul Proudlock - AC   <Paul.Proudlock@cern.ch>   
Thys Risselada - AB   <Thys.Risselada@cern.ch>   
Jean-Pierre Riunaud - AB   <Jean-Pierre.Riunaud@cern.ch>   
Stefan Roesler - TIS   <Stefan.Roesler@cern.ch>   
Francesco Ruggiero - AB   <Francesco.Ruggiero@cern.ch>   
Hermann Schmickler - AB   <Hermann.Schmickler@cern.ch>   
Frank Schmidt - AB   <Frank.Schmidt@cern.ch>   
Rudiger Schmidt - AB   <Rudiger.Schmidt@cern.ch>   
Peter Sievers - AT   <Peter.Sievers@cern.ch>   
Graham Roger Stevenson - TIS   <Graham.Stevenson@cern.ch>   
Pierre Strubin - AT   <Pierre.Strubin@cern.ch>   
Jan Uythoven - AB   <Jan.Uythoven@cern.ch>   
Vasilis Vlachoudis - AB   <Vasilis.Vlachoudis@cern.ch>   
Jorg Wenninger - AB   <Jorg.Wenninger@cern.ch>   
Wim Weterings - AB   <Wim.Weterings@cern.ch>   
Christos Zamantzas - AB   <Christos.Zamantzas@cern.ch>   
Frank Zimmermann - AB   <Frank.Zimmermann@cern.ch>   

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