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External Review of LHC Collimation Project
(AB Project on LHC Collimation)

Place and date  -  Charge  -  Committee  -  Agenda  -  Additional Info/Material  -  Report

Place and date: The external review of the LHC Collimation project takes place at CERN on the following dates:

June 30th, 14h30    to    July 2nd, 16h00

The conference room for the open part of the review is:       40-S2-A01

The presentations on Wednesday and Thursday are open to all interested colleagues from in- and outside CERN. For organizational reasons a prior registration will be requested.

Help for organizational matters Juliette Thomashausen
Help for scientific part Ralph Assmann
Information on accomodation in CERN Hostels.

The committee should look into all aspects of the LHC collimation system and consider the following questions:
  • Are the baseline assumptions for the collimation design reasonable? (minimal allowed beam lifetime, peak and average loss rates, impact models, betatronic and momentum-induced losses, ...)
  • Have the LHC collimation requirements been specified thoroughly and completely?
  • Does the phased approach of the LHC collimation system address the requirements?
  • Are the basic hardware choices correct and what problems should be expected (e.g. radiation damage to graphite)?
  • Is the detailed engineering solution adequate or can any problems be identified?
  • Are the preliminary thoughts on collimation set-up and operation reasonable?
  • Where should additional focus be put for future work?

A final report shall be prepared and delivered to Steve Myers and Ralph Assmann.

Committee Committee report  
G. Federici Addendum 1 Material and Radiation Damage
N. Simos Addendum 2 radiation Damage Assessment and Backup Options
M. Seidel Addendum 3 Thin target on Primary Collimator
Download of complete text    

External committee members:
A. Drees BNL RHIC collimation design and operation
G. Federici ITER International Team Experience with carbon-based materials in fusion research
J. Frisch SLAC Advanced collimators for Linear Colliders
T. Markiewicz SLAC Linear Collider collimation, background to experiments
N. Mokhov FNAL Collimation design and simulation (TEVATRON, SSC, ...)
M. Seidel (chair) DESY HERA collimation design and operation, TESLA collimators, vacuum design
V. Shiltsev FNAL TEVATRON operational experience and performance upgrades
N. Simos BNL SNS collimators and targets
Representative Phase 2 Collaboration (US-LARP)
T. Raubenheimer SLAC Accelerator design, NLC project

Talks should be prepared for the time listed in brackets in order to have sufficient time for discussion. Drafts of the talks will be distributed to the committee members a week before the review takes place (by June 23).
Program in file format:                   PPT      PDF  
Printable file of this web page:       PDF  
Wednesday June 30,  40-S2-A01 (open session)  
    Chair: S. Myers
14h30 Welcome R. Aymar
14h40 Charge to the committee (10min) S. Myers
15h00 The LHC collimation project - implementation of a phased approach (30min) (PPT) R. Assmann
15h45 Coffee  
    Chair: R. Assmann
16h00 Operational baseline assumptions (15min) M. Lamont
16h30 LHC aperture and collimator settings (15min) S. Redaelli
17h00 Machine protection role of collimators (15min) R. Schmidt
17h30 Collimator and beamline heating (15min) (PPT) V. Vlachoudis
18h00 Adjourn  
20h00 Common dinner  
Thursday July 1,  40-S2-A01 (open session)  
    Chair: P. Sievers
8h45 Logistics (5 min) M. Mayer
8h50 Mechanical engineering and thermo-dynamical calculations (30 min)
Movies:  Material 1 - 7 TeV - X
                Material 2 - 7 TeV - Y
                Jaw2D (new mesh)
A. Bertarelli
9h30 Results from heating test (15 min) S. Calatroni
10h00 Manufacturing at CERN (15 min) M. Mayer
10h30 Coffee
    Chair: P. Cruikshank
11h00 Mechanical robustness (15min) O. Aberle
11h30 Status of energy deposition studies IR3 (15min) (PPT) J.B. Jeanneret
12h00 Status of energy deposition studies IR7 (15min) M. Magistris
12h30 Vacuum system in the cleaning insertions (15min) C. Rathjen
13h00 Lunch  
    Chair: J.P. Riunaud
14h00 Impedance and trapped modes from collimators (15min) E. Metral
14h30 The beam loss monitoring system (15min) B. Holzer
15h00 Collimator functionality, performance and first view on set-up and optimization (15min) R. Assmann
15h30 The collimation of the LHC ion beams (15min) (PPT) H. Braun
16h00 Coffee  
    Chair: R. Bailey
16h30 Machine tolerances in cleaning insertions (15min) J. Wenninger
17h00 Collimator motorization and control (15min) F. Decorvet
17h30 Integration into control system (15min) M. Jonker
18h00 Radiological issues (15min) S. Roesler
18h30 Closure L. Evans
18h40 Adjourn  
Friday July 2 (closed sessions)  
    Chair: M. Seidel
9h00 Committee discussion, additional talks/discussions requested by committee  
12h30 Lunch  
14h00 Preliminary report of the committee and discussion  
16h00 Adjourn  

Additional Material/Info for Reviewers

The LHC design report (all available chapters) can be accessed at this location:
The minutes of the LTC meeting quoted in the design report are at:
Links to various files are called "Annex". For convenience I list the direct links:
Ref. [50] O. Aberle. Proposal to the AB LHC Technical Committee (LTC) on June 25, 2003.
Ref. [53] V. Vlachoudis, Proposal to the AB LHC Technical Committee (LTC) on June 25, 2003.

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