R. Assmann, CERN-AB/ABP

    Year Files
CERN Summer Student Lectures    
The CLIC Project   28.7.2004 PPT1, PPT2, PDF
The CLIC Concept for a Future Collider at the Energy Frontier   23.7.2003 PPT
The CLIC Concept   2002  
JUAS Lectures      
Future Accelerators   March 2003 PPT
Supporting files:      
Beam Movie1   1999 MPEG
Beam Movie2   1999 MPEG
Beam Movie3   1999 MPEG
Beam Movie4   1999 MPEG
Beam Movie5   1999 MPEG
Beam Movie6   1999 MPEG
Electron beam   ? AVI

R. Assmann, Wednesday, 28 July 2004