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HiRadMat - A Facility for Testing Accelerator Equipment with Beam Shock Impacts

Heritage documentation: Discussions and meetings from July 2008 to December 2008 are documented here. See also the AB/BT web page for the TT60 location of HiRadMat.

Minutes of the meeting in preparation to the presentation of the conceptual solution.

Irradiation facility WG The CERN-wide needs for beam test facilities was reviewed and being coordinated by the WG for future irradiation facilities at CERN, chaired by Lucie Linssen. The need for various facilities was summarized in a memorandum to CERN top management, dated 16.12.2008.

User requirements The user requirements have been analyzed. They are summarized in a specification document which is available for download.

Presentation conceptual solution:
A conceptual solution for HiRadMat was worked out for placement into the WANF area at the TT60 beam line. The solution was presented to the top management of the accelerator sector (S. Myers, F. Bordry, P. Collier, V. Vuillement) on January 26th, 2009, with the goal to obtain a go-ahead for starting technical design work and for allocating work packages to the groups involved.
  R. Assmann Introduction
  C. Hessler Beam Line to the HiRadMat Test Facility
  I. Eftthymiopoulos HiRadMat in the WANF Tunnel
  H. Vincke First Radiological Estimates for the HIRADMAT Project
  R. Assmann Wrap-Up for Discussion
  A. Rossi Minutes


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